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" Thank you so much for this wonderful site, now I can easily download youtube videos and mp3. Best thing is, it even allows me to download a 2 hours length video. The best! " - Albert Aquino

" Amazing work that is. I liked Youtube-Grab as I don't have to download it in an app format. And I'm sure people will like it too. I saw the number of likes on facebook, which is way less than what you deserve. The one right now is very simple and easy to use... hence develop a bit but keep it as simple as it is right now. Goodluck and hope you get the likes and visitors you deserve. " - Zishan Amiri

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Youtube-Grab is a fast and convenient youtube downloader website, it is a free service that allows you to convert youtube to mp3 or mp4 without registration. Files are converted to the highest possible quality, we do not limit the number of videos you convert, so you can download any of your favorite YouTube videos for free. Conversion may take few seconds depending on the quality or length of video.