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Zishan Amiri

" Amazing work that is. I liked Youtube-Grab as I don't have to download it in an app format. And I'm sure people will like it too. I saw the number of likes on facebook, which is way less than what you deserve. The one right now is very simple and easy to use... hence develop a bit but keep it as simple as it is right now. Goodluck and hope you get the likes and visitors you deserve. "

04/27/2017 11:27:01

Albert Aquino

" Thank you so much for this wonderful site, now I can easily download youtube videos and mp3. Best thing is, it even allows me to download a 2 hours length video. The best! "

05/08/2017 09:23:11

Jenny S

"This is just amazing! Thank you..."

05/29/2017 10:03:53

Mark Jason Palaganas

"Thumbs up for this site."

05/29/2017 22:47:16

khamisi kimbandu

"is wonderful service i like i thanks so much. "

06/08/2017 08:15:44


"Very simple and easy to download special Thank you so much ....."

06/12/2017 21:33:27



06/15/2017 20:33:34

John B

"Loved using this site, convenient and very easy to use. Good job to the guy/s behind this. I just have a suggestion, please add "top downloads page" :) Thanks!"

06/20/2017 01:12:41



06/21/2017 08:33:15


"Aldo,as.,10 "

07/03/2017 07:03:21

taufik hidayat


07/04/2017 20:06:54


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07/05/2017 00:28:02



07/13/2017 18:57:08

Prasenjit Recordist


07/17/2017 21:48:55



07/18/2017 09:24:10

Nandlal Yadav

"Good "

07/18/2017 17:04:48



08/03/2017 09:09:46

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