Terms of Service

By using the service provided in this site you acknowledge and agree to the following terms of service/use:

1. This service is not intended to be used to download video/audio that is copyrighted.

2. The user must take full responsibility for checking the legitimacy of videos he/she converts using this site.

3. YouTube-Grab.com must only be used for private purposes, any commercial use is forbidden.

We do not condone piracy, our goal is to provide a free tool that can be use to obtain legal video or audio that is publicly shared on the internet. Youtube is a perfect source for these video and audio clips.

YouTube-Grab.com is just a simple tool, and we hope you find it useful. Please use it accordingly.

If you're a content creater, copyright owner, or an agent thereof and would like to block conversions on any of your contents, please send us a request via email with the details of your video and provide valid evidence showing that you have the rights to those contents.

Email: yougrabtube@gmail.com